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Democracy Dialogue

Global conversations inspired by Egypt's 2011 uprising featuring  Mohamed ElBaradei and Rajmohan Gandhi

Media in للغة العربية,  中文, اردو, 한국어

In the aftermath of the Arab Uprisings of 2011, Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel peace laureate and co-founder of the Constitution Party in Egypt, met with Rajmohan Gandhi, peace activist, scholar & grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, for an epic encounter. The Democracy Dialogue videos and transcripts are highlights from their historic meeting in Cairo.


Mohamed ElBaradei and Rajmohan Gandhi, Egypt, 2012

The turbulent post-revolution period was a time of enormous hope mixed with  tremendous uncertainty. Rajmohan Gandhi, international peace advocate, historian, former parliamentarian, and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, traveled to Egypt with a small delegation from the University of Illinois to lend solidarity to the Egyptian people and engage in dialogue with Nobel Peace Laureate Mohamed ElBaradei in a two-day encounter. The idea was for these two figures to reflect on the Arab uprisings, global justice and security, citizenship and education, the experience of Gandhi during India's independence movement, and pathways for democratic change.  For more background see ABOUT.

Democracy Dialogue-The Trailer

Gandhi in Egypt

Many people spoke of Mahatma Gandhi's spirit as being present in Egypt's Tahrir Square during the January 25, 2011 Uprising. In 2012, his grandson Rajmohan visited Egypt to engage in dialogue with Mohamed ElBaradei.

Ideas vs. Ideology

What is the difference between ideas and ideologies? Mohamed ElBaradei and Rajmohan Gandhi make the case that ideas, not ideologies, are needed to forge more democratic alternatives.

Divide & Rule

Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and historian, tells a cautionary tale from the Indian subcontinent about divide and rule.

Citizens & Minorities

ElBaradei and Gandhi argue for systems of law and education that lead to the protection and equal rights of minorities. Thumbnail image by Roger Anis

Seeds of Change: Growing up in the Nasser Era

Mohamed ElBaradei talks about growing up during the time of Gamal Abdel Nasser and how his father Mustapha ElBaradei, a lawyer and head of Egypt's Bar Association at the time, planted in him the seeds of change.

Nuclear Disarmament

Educating for Global Security

Brain Drain

"We have eight million Egyptians abroad. Lots of them are highly skilled. That's what makes you angry and makes you sad at the same time." Mohamed ElBaradei


 Transcripts of the dialogue encounters are available for download in



The Democracy Dialogue memes are teasers for  learners and educators to explore key ideas from from figures  whose work is dedicated to global justice, education,  and critical democracy. The memes are drawn from  notable works of literature, political philosophy, sociology, history and economics, among others. 

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see the memes in English

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Democracy Dialogue was launched on January 25, 2016, the five year anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution. The project is coordinated by Linda Herrera of the Global Studies in Education program, UIUC. See ABOUT

The resources on  the Democracy Dialogue website and its YouTube channels are non-commercial and intended for educational purposes. The videos and transcripts are under the creative commons license CC-BY-ND.