After the Uprising

The January 25 Uprising in Egypt in 2011 was a major event of the early 21st Century. President Hosni Mubarak who held office for nearly 30 years, was toppled in 18 days. But the post-uprising period led to high degrees of instability and polarization.


Citizenship and Minorities

Citizenship and Minorities This video captures an historic conversation between Mohamed ElBaradei, then head of Egypt's Constitution Party, and Rajmohan Gandhi, historian and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. During the turbulent post-revolution period in Egypt, they talk about the need for governing systems that protect minorities.

Gandhi in Egypt

Many people spoke of Gandhi's spirit as being present in Egypt's Tahrir square during the January 25 Uprising of 2011. Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson and leading biographer of Mahatma Gandhi, traveled to Egypt in the turbulent post-revolution period to lend his solidarity to the Egyptian people and engage in an historic conversation with Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Peace Laureate and then head of Egypt's liberal Constitution Party.

Ideas vs. Ideologies

What ideas are needed to advance global pro-democracy movements? Are we living in a post-ideological age, and is this a good thing? In this historic conversation that took place in Cairo in the turbulent post-revolution period, Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Laureate and then head of Egypt's Constitution Party, and Rajmohan Gandhi, historian, peace activist, and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, discuss these pressing questions.

Divide & Rule

Mahatma Gandhi led the Indian Independence movement against British imperial rule. He gained fame throughout the world for advocating non-violent civil disobedience. India gained its independence, but at the cost of the division of the country into India and Pakistan (and later Bangladesh).